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INTERNATIONAL: “Treaty’s Tighter Adoption Rules Kick in for Haiti”
04.05.2014 | Adoption
BY: Trenton Daniel read »

FLORIDA: “Child Welfare Bill Draws Calls for ‘Moral Outrage’ & More Funding”
04.02.2014 | Child Protection
BY: Margie Menzel read »

WASHINGTON: “Northwest Adoption Exchange Addresses Foster and Adoptive Parent Shortage with New Publ
04.02.2014 | Child Protection / Foster Care
Washington State is facing a critical shortage of licensed foster and adoptive parents with nearly 10,000 children currently in the state’s foster care system. To address this issue, the Northwest Adoption Exchange is teaming up with the state’s... read »

UTAH: “Governor Signs Laws Beefing Up Adoption Rules”
04.02.2014 | Adoption
As revisions are made to adoption laws, a single mother will no longer be able to travel to Utah to place her child in an adoptive home without first notifying the child’s father. The new law only applies to unwed mothers as married women must... read »

OKLAHOMA: “Oklahoma Struggles to Handle Rise in Emergency Foster Care Needs”
03.31.2014 | Child Protection / Foster Care
BY: Ginnie Graham read »

NEW MEXICO: “College Tuition Waived for Teens in Foster Care”
03.12.2014 | Child Protection / Foster Care
BY: Laura Thoren read »

UTAH: “Senate Kills Bill to Grant Grandparent Visitation Rights”
03.12.2014 | Adoption
BY: Amy McDonald read »

NATIONAL: “Teen Births Are Falling: What’s Going On?”
03.11.2014 | Child Protection
BY: Melissa S. Kearney & Phillip Levine read »

MICHIGAN: “Submitted to Federal Court: Fourth Report Measuring State’s Progress under Child Welfare
03.10.2014 | Child Protection
BY: Dave Akerly read »

INTERNATIONAL: “Supreme Court Gives Adoption Rights to Muslims”
02.20.2014 | Adoption
BY: Harish V. Nair read »

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