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NEW YORK: Matter of G.
12.27.2014 | Adoption
The Supreme Court of New York, Surrogate Court of New York County, held that two close friends, with no romantic connection, have standing to jointly adopt a child to which neither adoptive parent has biological ties. The supreme court relied on... read »

05.09.2014 | Adoption / Consent
The Court of Appeals of Indiana affirmed the order of the trial court that Father’s consent was not required and approved the petition for adoption. Biological father drove while intoxicated killing a police officer. He was sentenced to thirty-one... read »

FLORIDA: In the Interest of I.B., a child
05.09.2014 | Adoption / Consent
The Court of Appeals of Florida, Fifth District affirmed the order of the trial court striking the adoption consent form executed by the biological mother. When biological mother signed the first consent form her attorney was not present. Mother... read »

CALIFORNIA: In re Riley T.,
05.07.2014 | Adoption
The Court of Appeals affirmed the court’s order placing the child in biological mother’s care under the Supervision of the Department of Children and Family Services (Department) and directing her to participate in family maintenance services.... read »

VIRGINIA: Douglas v. Lynchburg Dep’t of Soc. Servs.
05.06.2014 | Adoption
The Court of Appeals of Virginia affirmed the trial court’s order terminating Father’s parental rights to his three children, because father was responsible for the conditions leading to his children being placed in foster care. The court’s... read »

WASHINGTON: In re Welfare of H.Q.
03.25.2014 | Termination of Parental Rights
In a de novo review, the Court of Appeals of Washington, Division Two, vacated the superior court’s order terminating appellant-father’s parental rights, holding that the superior court violated appellant’s due process rights by failing to... read »

NEBRASKA: State v. Brandy S.(In re Interest of Nicole M.)
03.21.2014 | Termination of Parental Rights
In a de novo review, the Supreme Court of Nebraska affirmed in part and reversed in part the county court’s order terminating appellants’ parental rights, finding that the court was correct to terminate appellant-mother’s parental rights, but... read »

MISSISSIPPI: In the Interest of N.B. v. Berryman
03.18.2014 | Adoption / Procedure
The Court of Appeals of Mississippi affirmed the chancery court’s order that granted the adoption of N.B. and K.B., male twins, to their paternal great-grandparents rather than the paternal grandparents, holding that the chancery court did not... read »

GEORGIA: Stanfield v. Alizota
03.17.2014 | Adoption / Procedure
The Supreme Court of Georgia reversed the court of appeals judgment that the doctrine of priority jurisdiction deprived the superior court of jurisdiction to terminate appellant-father’s parental rights, holding that the issue of termination was... read »

INDIANA: J.A. v. Ind. Dep’t. of Child Servs. (In re the Involuntarily Termination of the Parent-Chil
03.13.2014 | Termination of Parental Rights
The Indiana Supreme Court vacated the trial court’s judgment terminating appellant-mother’s parental rights holding that appellant-mother was denied her statutory right to counsel during the course of the Child in Need of Services (CHINS)... read »

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